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Transport NSW 'Go Together' Safety Campaign

The New South Wales State Government announced a new safety campaign 'Go Together' that came into effect in March 2016. This campaign promotes bicycle rider safety and makes changes to the Road Rules for cyclists and motor vehicle drivers. More information about the changes to the Road Rules and riding in NSW can be found here at 'Go Together'.

Transport NSW Centre for Road Safety

Transport for NSW publish an interactive guide on rider safety and rules including helmets, shared pathways and petrol powered bicycles.

Cycling Safety Action Plan 2014-2106

The NSW Government published a cycle plan to improve rider safety in NSW. The plan outlined actions to be undertaken to promote a safe environment for all road users. Some of the action plans involved were:

  • Publish more maps and bike routes in and around NSW
  • Run public campaigns that promote cycle safety and road sharing for all road users
  • Improve road positioning and visibility of cyclists
  • Review and enhance NSW driver licensing tests
  • More Police enforcement against road users who do not conduct themselves in accordance with the rules
  • Implement school education programs on cycle safety for school students
  • Improve bicycle signage on roadways
  • Promote more safety equipment being developed and fitted on bicycles when new bicycles are sold
  • Engage with the cycling community to understand the needs and issues facing cyclists on our roads.

Details of the Cycling Safety Action Plan and other NSW Government related road plans can be found at the Centre for Road Safety website.

Walking and Cycling Plans

The NSW Government is working with local councils to increase the number of people who use a bicycle as a regular form of transport in a number of ways, including by improving safety, reducing congestion, and improving connectivity for those who cycle to major centres and transport interchanges.

This includes funding for new cycleways and other projects.

Pop-up cycleways

You can now cycle around Sydney more easily, with the introduction of pop-up cycleways in Sydney and surrounds. View a map of existing and pop-up cycleways.

Transport for NSW is continuing to work with councils to deliver more pop-up cycleways across Greater Sydney and regional areas.

These programs form part of a number of larger NSW Government plans, including the Future Transport 2056 Plan, the Sydney City Centre Access Strategy, and its 2018 update which feature an emphasis on cycling.

For more information, visit the Roads and Maritime Services website.